Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have a tortoise as a pet.(tortoise or turtle? What's the difference between them?)
His name is “kanta”, and he’s about 15cm long.(big?)
I don’t know his real age because my father caught him by accident near my house ten years ago!!

He closely resembles the statue in front of the library in the University of Maryland, but he isn’t as aggressive as the mascot of the university...?
Anyway, he reminds me of wonderful days in Maryland!!


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Ikumi, I love Kanta! He's so cute! How big is he? He reminds me of Testudo too.

A tortoise is a kind of turtle, as is a terrapin. Testudo is a Diamondback Terrapin, which is Maryland's State Reptile. See
What kind of turtle is Kanta?

Ikumi said...

Thank you, nina!

I'm not sure what kind of turtle he is because my father caught him....
He's usually in the shallow water, but sometimes gets out of the water and basks in the sun for several hours.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Ikumi!
Wow, Kanta is sooo adorable, isn't he? It reminds me of the turtles I saw at UM!

Ikumi said...

Thank you, hiromi~

When I saw the statue of the turtle at UM, I thought "oh! It's very like Kanta!!" at sight.

Ji Won said...


That's so cool that you have a turtle as a pet! Rub Kanta's nose and may be you'll do well in all your exams~! 笑~ ^^

Ji Won

Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your pet. Is Kanta a turtle or a tortoise or a terrapin? Hmm. Maybe you can get information to help you know by clicking HERE.

Kanta looks like what you can see in this YouTube video, and the title of the video mentions tortoise, so maybe that's what your pet is.

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Sophia's Monde said...

Hi Ikumi! Your pet is so cute! I don't know if Maryland's mascot really is so agressive, they just want people to think that ;)