Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I went to "AGH"(Aoyama Gakuin High school) four times in the last ten days.
I was a student at AGH only six months ago.
I met my friends and joined club activities of the string club and the hand bell club, which I belonged to in my high school days.

These are pictures I took in AGH just before I graduated.
All girls in these pictures are now high school students.
Their school festival will be held next month, so they are practicing hard.
I'm looking forward to their performances in the festival!!


Ji Won said...

Hey Ikumi~

I didn't know there was AGH! Is it connected to AGU?

Keep in touch and keep blogging!

Ji Won

Nina Liakos said...

I knew there was a high school associated with Aoyama Gakuin, but I didn't realize you attended it! I loved your pictures! :-)

KANA.Y said...

Hi Ikumi!

I was surprised to know you were a student of AGH! I heared you are a good viora player. So I want to listen to your performance^^

Ikumi said...

Thank you for your comments!!

ji won and nina,
Aoyama Gakuin contains various schools; it has preschool, elementary school, junior high school, high school, junior college, university, and graduate school!
I've been a student of AG since junior high school, and I took an easier entrance exam of AGU than an official exam^^

I've been practicing the viola for only three years, so I can't play it so well...
I'll write about the viola in the blog soon~!!

Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

More beautiful photos!

I knew that AGU was part of a multi-level educational institute because I did some Google research just before you and your classmates arrived in Maryland. See this link.

I admire you for playing the viola. I got a degree in music many years ago and studied all the instruments. Because I was a wind instrument player, the strings were a big challenge for me. The viola was the biggest challenge because I found reading music written in the alto clef very confusing.

I especially like listening to bell choirs!

Best wishes to you--

Dennis in Phoenix

Ikumi said...

Thank you, dennis.

You studied all the instrument? That's great!!
I can play only the viola (the violin and the piano a little).

At first the alto clef was very confusing, but I got used to reading for about a year.
Now, I love the viola!!

Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

You're entirely welcome.

Yes, it was very interesting to study all the instruments, but I didn't have a lot of time to do that, so I didn't learn to play most of them very well. I was a flute and oboe player, so the piccolo, English horn, and saxophones were pretty easy because the finger patterns were very similar. The brass instruments were also not too hard, even though the finger patterns were quite different. I had a lot of problems with the bassoon and the clarinets, however, because the finger patterns were quite different from what I knew, and it also took a while to develop even a little bit of skill on the percussion instruments. The strings were all difficult for me because I found it very difficult to do entirely different things with each of my hands.

I can understand why you love the viola. It has such a rich, warm sound!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix