Friday, August 10, 2007

IDB and National Portrait Gallery

I didn’t know at all IDB(Inter-American Development Bank).
We met four Japanese in the building, and they explained the history, objectives, and activities of IDB to us in Japanese.
The main role of IDB was supporting the development in South and Middle American countries by loan and giving knowledge.

In the afternoon, National Portrait Gallery was so interesting for me because I saw a lot of portraits of American presidents.
I was interested in the presidents in the 20th century, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy.
I bought three postcards of them in the gift shop.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Ikumi!
I enjoyed reading your explanation of the plave you've visited, IDB, because I haven't heard about that before actually. Also, it's great to be able to listen to the lecture by the Japanese who work there because not only it's much easier to understand what they say, but also it must be so inspiring for you to see them work for the organization like that!

Laura said...

I think you asked the best question when you said is IDB really a bank? I was quite confused at first, but thanks to your question I was able to understand!

Berta said...

Hi Ikumi,
Going to the IDB seems like another wonderful experience at AGU. There have been so many different visits during this program that I am sure they will make you see the world from a different angle, especially when you get back to Japan.


Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

I thought that I had posted more comments to your blog. I'm not sure why some of them are not showing.

Have you been able to have Japanese food? I would get tired of pasta, pizza, and salad very quickly, and I imagine the same is true for you.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Washington Post printing plant and then, later, the shopping trip to the supermarket. I'm glad you were able to find some gifts for your friends, and I'm also happy you got bananas for breakfast!

What did you think of the IDB? Did you enjoy the National Portrait Gallery? What kind of post cards did you buy?

How about Annapolis and the bay cruise? The museum visits?

What activity has been your favorite so far?

I hope you continue to enjoy your stay in Maryland!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina Liakos said...

Do you know what? I have never been to the National Portrait Gallery! I intended to go on Sunday, but since everyone saw it Thursday and nobody went there on Sunday, I have had to put off my visit for another day. :-( But I enjoyed the Natural History Museum, although I have been there many times before.

Macy said...

Thanks for writing this.