Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Last Day!!!

Yesterday, we walked around an African-American and Latino neighborhood in D.C., and I felt a diversity of people in America. After that, we went to the White House though it was not scheduled. I was happy to see it because obviously it was the most famous building in D.C. Even if I didn’t know about the Washington Monument before I came to D.C., I knew about the White House, and also most Japanese must know about it.

Today is the last day of my stay in America, and we have to leave for Tokyo tomorrow morning. It is unbelievable that my stay for about two weeks is going to be finished tomorrow. I want to enjoy the rest of a time in America as well as possible.

I want to say thank you to Hiromi Sato, Dennis Oliver, and Berta Leiva for comments on my blog.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Ikumi!
First of all, it's been my pleasure to leave comments on your blog. I've really enjoyed it literally! ^^ I hope that you'll keep blogging after you go back to Japan just like I do now because it's fun and a good way to let the people in the US tell how you are.

Anyway, please enjoy the rest of the program. And I hope that you'll be back here safely. ^^

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Ikumi,
As I write this, you are on the plane (probably sleeping!). I hope you are having a nice flight. Before you know it, you will be at home with your family! You will have lots to tell them about your American adventure, in which I was glad to play a small role. I hope you had a wonderful time, and I look forward to chatting with you at Tapped In on Sept. 29!

Ji Won said...


Reading about your adventure in Maryland takes me back to the past two weeks that we all spent together, traveling around many plances and making fun memories. It was a pleasure being your mentor, and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you through facebook, blogs, and chats! I will talk to you very soon! Until then, have a good rest. ^^

Ji Won

Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

Thanks for your kind words. I didn't always leave comments, but I read (and enjoyed) all of your posts. I think they will be a wonderful to keep your memories fresh after you have returned to Japan.

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix