Sunday, August 19, 2007


I took about 200 pictures in America.
Now, I tried to upload(?) three pictures.
I like clear sky!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Ikumi!
I enjoyed looking at the pictures that you took on the trip. ^^ As you said, the clear sky is so beautiful!

Nina Liakos said...

Beautiful photos, Ikumi! I hope you will create an album at Bubbleshare ( or elsewhere and post it on the blog or give us the link in the Yahoo Group (YG), so we can all enjoy your photos!

Ji Won said...


I'm glad to see that you have already updated your blog (twice!!)!! We all miss you here very much and hope to see you sometime very soon! Meanwhile, keep up with your awesome blogging!! Drink lots of water to avoid heat strokes and enjoy a lot of Japanese food that you had missed for two weeks! Talk to you very soon!

With Love,
Ji Won

Ai said...

Hi, Ikumi

How's your condition? I worry a little because you looked so tired the end of the tour.

Please take a rest enough!

Laura said...

Ikumi!! You take amazing pictures...I hope you will post more of them later on! Lately the weather in Maryland has been very nice and cool...hopefully it cools off in Japan as well! Take care!

Dennis said...

Hello, Ikumi.

What beautiful photos! They add a great deal of interest to your blog.

I've enjoyed reading the posts made after you returned to Japan. I hope you'll continue to keep your blog active. Doing that will be a good way to keep your "connections" alive and will also be an excellent way to practice using English for real communication.

Very best wishes to you!

Dennis in Phoenix